How To Make Money Online By Editing Photos [Even Without Skills]?

How to earn money by editing photos without any skills

How to earn money online editing photos if you don’t have any skills? In this article I’m going to tell you all important information. Where to find orders and how to edit photos without any skills.

First question you would like to know is how is it possible? The answer is very simple. Neural networks. I’ll show how to use free neuronets to make money.

Photoediting is very wide niche, that is why we will concentrate on several high demand branches.

Colourise images without any Photoshop skills

Colourising images is very popular. Usually people want to colourise old photos of their relatives. The average price for such service is $5-$10 per photo. Here is a screenshot from a popular freelancer market place. You can also register there and earn money by editing photos. I’ll tell you how.

As I already told you, you don’t need to be guru in Photoshop, all you need is to upload your monochrome photo to this website Here is how the result looks like.

Very good! I didn’t even retouched it with any photoeditor.

And now let’s see how it works with the buildings and water.

Not bad at all! What do you think about the result?

Removing Background From The Picture

This service is also very popular. Your future clients could be people who sell different things on the Internet. They have dozens of photos of their goods, and they need someone who would remove everything except of their product from the picture.

As you can see from the screenshot bellow, the average price is also $5 for one or several pictures.

As a previous method, it doesn’t require any special skills from you. Go to and upload your photo.

As an output result you can dounload PNG file with transparent background. Super easy.

Remove Background On Video Without Green Screen

Let’s go further. The creators of released a website to remove background from a video, even if there was no green screen used. This website is And it is absolutelly FREE. Removing background from the video is more expensive service, and you can charge $10, or even more.

Remove Fence, Reflecton, Raindrop, etc

Let’s imagine your customer asks to remove reflection from the photo he made through the bus window, or to remove a fence in front of a tiger in a zoo. Don’t worry, ObstructionRemoval will do everything. Just download this free software from GitHub.

ObstructionRemoval in action

If you want a part time job, these tips can be very useful for you. Delivering 4-6 orders per day, just uploading 4-6 photos every day, you can make $1,000 by the end of the month. If you want to try here is a link to a freelancer marketplace number one in the world. Register and start earning money online now!

Good luck!

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