How To Generate Free Traffic Through Pinterest

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Pinterest Free Traffic Strategy

How to generate free traffic to your blog through Pinterest? In these step-by-step tutorial you are going to learn how to get free traffic without any single cent spent. This method works perfect for any blog or website.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It means that this resource allows you to share content via images. And every unique image is a unique piece of content. Pinterest is a gold mine for genereating traffic from such countries as the USA, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Making Preparations

If you already have a website, you can skip this paragraph. If you don’t have any website yet, and you are thinking about your niche blog, here are some ideas for you.

These are the most popular niches on Pinterest now:

  • Home Decore
  • Art
  • Travel [maybe not the best option now]
  • Photography
  • DIY and Crafts
  • Design
  • Technologie
  • Quotes
  • Food and Drinks
  • Humor
  • Gardening [Seasonal]
  • Tatoos
  • Animals
  • Education
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Fitness
  • Architecture
  • History
  • Celebrities
  • Weddings

Pick any of these and you would get a lot of traffic for sure. I’d reccomend to use WordPress for your website, in this case you can install very usefull plugins such as Social Warfare. This plugin adds social sharing buttons above and/or bellow your posts. As a result visitors share and repost your articles, your content becomes viral and spreads faster.

Creating Busines Account

Go to

Creating Pinterest Business Account

Click a button Create business account in the bottom. Enter your email address, create a password, and select Continue.

Set up your profile. Create your profile name and write your website URL. Select United States as your country if you want to get more US traffic. Select Next. You will see new window asking to customize details. Select blogger. Click Next.

You will recieve a confirmation e-mail from Pinterest with a theme Please confirm your email. Open it and hit the red confirmation button.

Go to Edit Profile section. Change your photo to a nice looking logo. You can create it online in Canva for example.

Searching For Keywords

Edit your Display name and Username if needed. In the About your profile you should use some keywords to get more traffic from Pinterest search results. Which keywords are popular on Pinterest? You can check it if you hit a search button on the main page. Just start typing.

Type in words that describes your niche and see the popular search results. Chose 3-4 and use them in your description. Don’t make too much keyword stuffing.

We can use a power of Ad Manager to find the keywords without paying a single cent to get this valuable information. Go to Analytics > Audience Insights. Click create campaign button. You will see small window. Click next, then accept.

Go back to Audience Insights. Click create campaign once again. Now you see a menu on the left. Click targeting.

Using Pinterest Targeting Option

Scroll down to the Keywords section. This tool was designed to launch ad campaigns, but we will use it to get free traffic from the search results. You’ll need these keywords to fill in About section and later to give a proper name to your boards.

Searching For Related Keywords

Type in any word you’d like to rank for. You will see monthly search volume on Pinterest. Try to find some keywords with 100k-500k search volume. Such words aren’t the most popular, there is less competition. In other words you would have an opportunity to rank higher. Make a list of all keywords which somehow connected to your blog post themes and save it somewhere, you will need it soon.

Editing Profile Information

Using the keywords make a descriprion in about your profile section. As we agreed before, don’t use too much to avoid word stuffing. Make sure the description looks fine.

Continue to edit your Profile information. Write a city name in your location settings. For exaple New York or Los Angeles if you want to get US traffic. Your location should be the same with the country where you’d like to promote your blog. Click Done button.

Go to Account Settings. Make any changes if needed. Find Pinterest Messages and enable an option to recieve direct messaging. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some juicy offer one day? Click on Done.

Go to the Claim section. Enter your website name and click claim button. You would be given two options how you can confirm that you own your website.

Chose any option which you prefer. If you are using WordPress, you can upload file to your root with WP File Manager plugin. Or use Insert Headers and Footers plugin to add HTML tag.

During 24 hours Pinterest team will confirm your claim and e-mail you.


Let’s go further. Now you need to follow some popular profiles in your niche. Go to and pick few of them.

Before you start promoting your content, you need to create at least 10 boards with 30 repins of other users’ content per each board. 10 boards is a minimal amount. You need to give your account about 15 days before you start active work. Pinterest algorithm shadowbans fresh accounts, so that before your account is not 15 days old, the pins which you made by this account are not visible. Use this time to fill your account with repins of other users. After 15 days start pinning your content regullary. Pinterest prefers aged content. After 2 weeks your pins would recieve good amount of traffic. Pin everyday.

Go to your profile and start creating the boards. Do you remember a list of Keywords from the previous chapter? Now it is time to use them to give the names to your boards. Create at least 10 boards. Pinterest will suggest to pin some content to them. Pin about 20-30 pins per each board.

Never make your board secret because our aim is to make your board famous and generate a lot of traffic! Don’t put a tick in the floating window after creating a board.

It is time to install Pinterest extension to your browser. It is a save button to Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Here is a link to official addon.


There are two options how you can add your own pins to your boards. First option is to use Pinterest extention button. You just open your blog post which you’d like to promote and click the Pinterest extention icon.

Second option is to create Pin from your Pinteest account. Prepare several preview images for every post. The perfect ratio is 1000 pixels width and 1500 pixels heights. Do you remember all those pins you were pinning to your boards? Try to create something similar by design. If you don’t have any artistic skills, use Canva to create your previews using free templates.

When you post your pin, chose a board, write a title using your keywords, write a short descriptions also using the keywords. And put a link to your blog post in the website section.

You can promote one and the same blog post several times, unless you are using different images. For Pinterest it would be totally different content. Don’t promote same blog post URL with 5 different images in one day. Do it with 1-2 days delay per one URL. That is how you can create several images in advance and use them for one post. Change background picture, fonts, and new image is ready. The perfect dimension is 1000*1500 pixels.


Pinterest promotes active users. Repin content of other members, and your content would be ranked high too. Pin regullary, better everyday. Keep a ratio about 60-80% repins of other users and 20-40% of your own content. Also create one board only with your content and call it with your website name plus some keywords.

Ask you friends to repin your posts from your website. Follow popular profiles. Click that follow button. Create more Pinterest accounts to repin your own content. But be careful and follow security measures. If you have such an opportunity use different IP and/or different device. For example, use laptop to manage your business account and moblile to repin your posts to your personal private account.

This is a method how to get traffic for free. If you have some money to invest, there is a way how to grow faster. There is going to be an article about it soon.

Good luck! Please share this article in your Social Media if you like it and leave a comment in the comment section bellow. Have you ever tried to use Pinterest to drive traffic? What was your experience?

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